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By Spring Moore

I recently wrote an article for Media Post titled, “Whether it’s paid or owned, health content is king”. The article focuses on the changing roles content strategists and media planners will play as brands distribute increasing amounts of content across diverse ecosystems.

The key point of the article is the notion that to get the most from your content, and consequently drive customer engagement successfully, brands need to take a holistic approach to publishing their content. Too often, paid content placements (aka media) and owned content placements (aka website or social content) are looked at as different things that fall under the pervue of separate individuals, media planners and content strategists.

This mindset needs to change. A video is no longer just a video; an ad not just an ad; they are each pieces of brand content that need to have synergistic relationships with one another and other pieces of brand content.

Brands and agencies need to put all their content experts in the room together when they plan out their content distribution. Continuing to treat media planning and content strategy as mutually exclusive domains will continue to stunt digital strategies and stifle customer engagement.

So the next time your brand has an increase in its ad budget, or finds itself with a wealth of new content assets – such as videos – the first question you should ask yourself isn’t “how should I spend it” or “where should I post it”, rather, it’s “How can I get the most from my content?” The answer may surprise you.

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